Elecare PH Meter


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  • Complete RO logic per-programmed.
  • User Friendly.
  • Auto/manual facility inbuilt.
  • Inbuilt operation hour counter.
  • Inbuilt IDS & Pump monitoring.
  • Alphabetical Blue & white LCD display for better Visualization.
  • Mimic diagram with 6 LEDs for I/O indication.
  • Stable automatic flushing time up to 300 seconds for enhance membrane life.
  • For motor protections required overload, Single Phasing, Dry running types of safeties inbuilt.
  • Provision for auto multi port valve in per-treatment also inbuilt.
  • Well designed appearance to provide premium look to the RO Plant.
  • Easy mounting on plant and Sufficient space to the Service person to make connections.
  • This is the only panel which has two different card for controlling & powering for longer life for components as well as on site easy replacement for service person.