PNC (Pure-N-Cure Technology) was established in year 2000, as advance water treatment and components services and solutions Provider Company in Gujarat, India and across the globe.

We are the  exporter of Water Treatment Components, water treatment systems, water treatment plants, water treatment components solutions, water softening plants etc.

PNC (Pure-N-Cure Technology) This Company founded water components genuine products and services maintain a technological edge over its competitors’ resulting in a steady yearly growth and the number of satisfied customers across the globe. Our purpose in the water treatment industry by providing professional services, solutions and grow clients relationships.

We believe in treating our client’s with respect and faith. PNC has work force with more than 35 years of involvement in the water refinement procedures and innovation. It additionally claim to fame applications, for example, metropolitan and mechanical water treatment reclamation, recycle and reuse. It has lead the business in framework outline developments and advancing water and waste water treatment processes.

Our latest products are Mono-block Mud/Sewage Pump, Submersible Monoset Pump, Centrifugal Process Pumps, Submersible Portable Sewage Pump, Self Priming Mud Pump, Monoblock Pump, Dewatering Submersible Pump, Self Priming Pump services and solutions are here.